Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catch up

Well time just seems to keep going so fast.  In June I threw a bridal shower for my sister, it was a lot of fun but I have been seeing pink and orange for a while :)  Zek finished the 3rd grade and Mya graduated preschool.  Zek had a great birthday, even though it rained the entire day.  He had skookies instead of cake and we celebrated with games and fun all day.  The 4th was great we went to breakfast at the church, then headed to Royal to visit Great Grandpa Sorge, who was visiting from Chili.  It was good to see him again.  The last time he was here Zek was only 3 and Mya was a baby.  Chaysee took a while to warm up to him, as she always does.  Tonight we celebrated Scotts birthday, complete with burgers and ice cream cake.  This weekend is Tracy and Christians wedding and we will be busy busy, but I am sure it will be fun!  Chaysee is getting so big and has the attitude to match, she is quite the drama queen and over exhaggerates everything, but she always has us laughing.  Zek and Mya started piano lessons a couple of weeks ago and they're doing really well.  Today a song came on Pandora  (by Mandy Moore) and Chaysee recognized her voice from Cinderella II movie.  She asked me if Cinderella was singing on the radio....it was cute :)  Mya is having a great summer playing outside in the water and we've even been to the waterpark a few times, since it finally started to get HOT.  No complaints here, since fall will be here before we know it.  I have been so overwhelmed with how fast time is going and wondering how I was going to get everything done.  I heard something a while ago that has stuck with me....we all have the same amount of time in a day, so just do it!  Get stuff done, just do it.  Read to your kids, just do it.  Clean up, just do it.  Take time to enjoy a game with your kids...just do it.  Read your scriptures...just do it.  Go to the temple...just do it.  Leave the house work and go to the lake...just do it.  So use it as your motto............JUST DO IT!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Family Time

Dry Falls and Lake Lenore Caves.  We took the kids up the Dry Falls and then on the way home we hiked up and saw the Lake Lenore Caves.  It was a perfect day, not too hot.  We all had a lot of fun as a family and nobody complained, until we had to drive home :)  I am so grateful to have such great kids.  We also went to the Spring Fest Parade, here in town.  The kids had a lot of fun collecting candy and bbqing with friends.  Mya had her last concert and did a great job on her solo.  Well only a week left of school for Zek and two for me.....FINALLY!!!  Cannot wait to be done.  The kids seem to grow faster and faster each day.  I remeber being a kid and time seemed so slow, now I feel like I am trying to keep up because it is going so fast.  Scott and I watched Fireproof this last month, if you haven't seen it you should!  My thoughts lately have led me to this:  Everything is about service with an attitude of gratitude.  We had ward conference last week and the speaker showed this picture of a grocery cart stuffed so tight and piled so high.  He said, "sometimes our lives feel this way"  I had to laugh because I feel that way a lot.  He talked about how everything in our carts is good, but its still too much even if its all good.  So I guess its time to focus on what is the most important of all the good stuff and seek it out!  Easier said then done right??  Guess I better get to it....Tiffany

PS Go listen to John Waller, While I'm Waiting.  It is a powerful song :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter and Birthday!

Alright we made it through Easter and Chaysee's 3rd Birthday!  First, Easter.  It was so great :)  We started out on Saturday with an egg hunt at Hastings and then another one at the Park.  The mom in me was extremely nervous as all three kids were spilt by age and I was the only adult.  We came up with a meeting point just in case someone couldn't be found, luckily everything went great.  Chaysee loved finding eggs and wanted to look for them everywhere we went that day.  That night we got to go bounce in some bouncy houses, which my kids had never done, what a blast!  The fun even included popcorn and hot dogs.  They were so tired when we got home at 7:30 that we hurried and dyed eggs and they crashed and slept ALL night :)  Sunday we went to a misson farewell and then had another hunt at Great Grandma Iversons-only 6 kids and a about 85 eggs, needless to say they enjoyed.  We had a great Easter talk with the kids and explained why we really celebrate.  The next weekend we celebrated Chaysees birthday.  She loved everything about her special day.  That morning she went with dad to pick out a toy.  Of course she picked a princess tea set, then we started on the cake (ice cream cone mini cakes made from "pink" cake complete with ymmy homemade frosting).  She got money and clothes and a Tangled barbie.  Today she spent her birthday money from Grandma and Grandpa Naylor, she picked a huge Play-Doh set and played with it all day today.  Only six weeks left of school YAY!  I applied for graduation today!!  Time seems to go by ever so quickly.  Zek is doing really good in school and we are so proud of him.  Today we walked to school and I pulled the girls in the wagon, man am I beat.  It was great to get out in the sunshine and do something different.  I also went to "Time Out For Women" last weekend where I learned to Seek the Good.  I loved every minute, it is amazing what focus can do for you.  John Bytheway talked about how we are all marinating in something and regarless of your orginal intention you will eventually become what you marinate in.  He said "you can't play with a skunk and not stink."  Hillary Weeks was wonderful, so inspiring-check out billionclicks.org.  S. Michael Wilcox said "spring comes late in the high mountains of life."  Merilee Boyack (I am sure I butchered her name) said CPR stands for Caring plus response and "you must be the change you wish to see in the world."  My favorite quote was from Emily Watts, "good does not always reside in your comfort zone."  I also did Enrichment with a friend last week in our ward, who would have thought it would go over so well.  We talked about "spring cleaning your vision!"  I really love talking with others and helping them see how they can make a difference. "it's not what happens that determines your lifes future, its what you do about what happens.....all of us are in like a sail boat and its not the blowing of the wind that determines your destination, its the set of the sail and the same wind blows on us all...The same wind blows on us all.  The wind of disaster the wind of opportunity the wind of change the wind when it is unfavorable and the wind when it is favorable.  The same wind blows on us all."  Isn't that powerful?  Clarify you vision in your faith, family, fitness and finances and then move beyond intention.  Until next time.......Tiffany

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well I decided it was time to start blogging again. I have really decided that it is more like a journal than anything, and I really like looking back at it. So here it goes......Zek is now 8 and in the 3rd grade. He loves the colors green and orange and enjoys playing games and watching movies. He is super sweet and tries his hardest to do his best each day :) Mya is 5 and in her second year of preschool, she sings in a childrens choir and absolutely loves it! She loves anything bright and crafty. She is excited to start kindergarten this fall but more excited for summertime. Chaysee will be 3 in two weeks and she loves anything "Tangled." She also likes the color pink and if she could wear a dress everyday she would. Scott and I stay busy with work, school, Advocare, crafting, Day Camp Crafts and all of the kids activities :) I teach primary and Scott is in the scouting program. Our lives are so full of joy and we have been extremely blessed! Wasn't conference wonderful? I loved every minute but my favorite talk was Elder Hollands. We are so grateful to live by grandparents and greatgrandparents, we miss those that are far away but look forward to visiting this summer. Thanks to those for the stories of Grandma Kaye, they were so neat to read about. I am going to print them out for the kids to have a copy :) I have also loved getting new ideas from pinterst, I made a few wreaths and will post pictures. Have a great Sunday

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The girls in TX
Andy Andrews

Dress Up

Zeks Design

Moving Fun

Well we have been busy since Christmas. Scott and I went to Texas for Advocare Success School and learned so much. Mya has been on 3 field trips, one to Mcdonalds, one to Dominos and One to a local Dentist office. Mya hasn't grown much but she likes to be told she has. Chaysee will be two in just a few weeks, I can't believe it. She is getting taller and learning so many new words. Her newest, "Wow! Look at that." She loves Toy Story 3 and Dispicable Me. Zek is doing so well in school, he gets 100% on all his spelling tests and has started the series, A-Z Mysteries. Trevor is on a mission in Ohio and we miss him lots. We moved just a couple of weeks ago and are so thankful to those who helped us. We love our new house and the space it has :) It is currently my spring break, Zeks is in two weeks. Too bad they couldn't be on the same week. It is finally starting to warm up and the kids are excited for summer to come. Time seems to go by so quickly. I just started reading, "The Travelers Gift" by Andy Andrews it is a exceptional book, anyone and everyone should read it. We also have "The Boy Who Changed the World" and the kids absolutely love it. We are all doing well and loving life!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


We had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you! Happy New Year to everyone. School starts tomorow with a great year ahead :) Chaysee will turn 2 in April, Zek will be baptized in July and Mya will be 5 in September. 2010 was good to us. In Feb. we moved to Moses Lake. Zek likes school and having neighbors. We love our ward and make some really great friends. Chaysee had her 1st birthday and we learned how great an investment in a wagon was (should've bought one a long time ago). Had a blast of a summer. Swimming, camping, playing at all the parks in town and building Advocare with my family! We had a great 1st half of the school year and I learned what its like to file a greivence for the first time (note to self, don't do it again). Chaysee learned to walk and talks giberish all the time. This past year I also taught myself to can apricots, peaches and salsa. Thanks to an amazing grandma we also got grape juice (only had to pick grapes). Also thanks to wonderful parents I was able to make a ton of freezer jam (strawberry and apricot) We were also blessed with an abundence of apples (thank you!) Mya was able to start pre-school, Chaysee now attends nursery by herself and I teach primary. For the year end favorites: Hiking with grandma and grandpa Naylor was very fun, something I never thought we could accomplish LOL. Sleepovers at grandma and grandpa Iversons were a blast! Even on New years! Scott and I have had to learn to be recievers this year, which is hard, but we are ever grateful to those who got to be the givers. Thanks to all of you helped us through this year of crazy fun! On a side note I lost almost 30lbs from last december to this december....Thanks to Advocare and Sidewalks in Moses Lake :) www.advocare.com/08103645